My Journey with Leica


Leica was a name synonymous with quality optics. Like many passionate photographers I was attracted to Leica cameras.

The first Leica camera I owned was the R7 which was a SLR film camera, and together with three lenses in 28mm, 50mm and 90mm the outfit gave me a wonderful experience into the Leica world.

Soon with the advance of digital, I graduated to a rangefinder Leica M8 which had a cropped sensor. Finding the handling of a rangefinder intuitive, I soon traded the M8 to the M9 which has a full sensor. My interest in photography soon took me back to film and an M6 Titanium was added.

So after several years with Leica, do I still like Leica cameras? The answer is a resounding yes. While I also own other high end digital SLR cameras, I find the Leica rangefinder very intuitive and a joy use.