About Me

Thank you for visiting, I am Edwin from Perth, Western Australia.

I am an amateur photographer, passionate about this hobby which I find to be both creative and satisfying.

I was attracted to photography since 1990 and over a period of time I have since narrowed my cameras and lenses to those that are listed in “My Gear”. Though digital is the norm, I do from time to time shoot film as an alternate media. Many have written and debated the pros and cons of film versus digital; I have no special preference but equally enjoy both.  My current equipment are very much centered around the Leica and Canon. 

My areas of interest include but are not limited to – landscape, architectural, events and portraits.

I would very much like to share my interest with fellow photography enthusiasts whenever there is an opportunity. You are welcome to comment on my photos and I hope you would  like some that I’ve posted.