Leica SF 24D Flash

Flash is small enough to seat comfortably on the M9.

I had previously used an Olympus S20 (also a small flash) but lack of TTL fill-in feature prompted my search for an alternate flash. As the SF 24D is no more in production, I chanced upon a purchase from a Leica Forum member.

I am very pleased with it and took some test shots. First in Auto Mode. The following pic was shot in automatic mode. The room was dark in the evening without lights switched on. The SF 24D flash was able to adequately light up the room.

The following shots was a test of TTL fill-in of the SF 24D. There was very strong backlighting and as a result the flower was too dark to be seen. Subsequent shot were taken with compensations of +1, +2 and +3.

Contrary to some comments that this flash has no bounce feature, I am pleased with it for what it is intended for. If bounce is necessary I’ll use it off-camera with a third party flash trigger.